The Services we offer

We offer customised guidance, with varying levels of involvement, to give you the confidence to tackle your renovation project and  we can pass on a huge range of supplier discounts! We use our knowledge and experience to:

  • turn your likes and ideas into a working  design brief ;
  • help you devise an organised, efficient plan of action;
  • steer you through the renovation process;
  • assist with problem solving, decision-making, and budget;
  • Liaise with qualified trades and suppliers ;
  • pass on supplier and trade  discounts;
  • accompany you to choose colours, textures, and materials to achieve the look you want; and
  • style your space to showcase your personality and desired lifestyle; or

We can style your space to showcase your personality and desired lifestyle….

There’s no doubt that renovations can be a challenge . There’s the budget, the plan of action, the co-ordination of suppliers and trades. There may be Council requirements or utility considerations. And then there’s all the small things. Which colours?  How can you fit the new fridge in? How do you use lighting for mood? Where’s the view, or breeze, or morning sunshine?

From beginning to end, you will know what to expect, when to expect it & how to stay on budget. We offer an efficient and professional service that will change the way you feel about your investment. Better spaces; better life style.