The Services we offer

From beginning to end, you will know what to expect, when to expect it & how to stay on budget.

Renovation Design Brief

A renovation Design Brief is a customised document specifically created for your client’s property as a guide to complete their own renovation. Understanding the style of their renovation is key to creating the appropriate changes, colour and product selections for their renovation project. We work closely with your client using visual aides to create a brief based on the style they want to achieve.

Colour Design Consult

If you are just needing some guidance with colours why not book in a colour consult! – Our consultant will guide you through the Latest Trends & Colour Schemes for your upcoming project and provide a detailed report of colour selections.

De-Clutter - Ready for sale!

So you have decided to sell your home. The first stage of selling any property is to de-clutter ready for open home inspections. The art of minimizing personal items from your home whilst still keeping that welcoming feel is an extremely important part of showcasing your property. The key is to create enough of a canvas for any potential buyers to be able to visualise their new life & create their own memories in your home. Remember first impressions count!

Concept floor plans

If a modification to an existing floor plan is required, we can assist with completing conceptual designs. This enables you to visualise the new layout with our specialized design software.

Property Styling

Styling a home to either create the look and feel that both compliments personality and lifestyle of a new homeowner or create the look for the demographic of the potential investment buyer. A detailed Design Brief will be completed with recommended décor items, our consultant will personally assist your client with the sourcing and placing of these items.

Furniture Staging

For unfurnished properties ready for sale we recommend furniture staging! During our visit, we will complete a room by room measure up and assess the furniture requirements. A furniture brief will be completed and ordered by our consultant. Upon delivery we will style and place the furniture & décor in each room. After the agreed staging timeframe, we will remove all furniture & Décor ready for settlement.

Home Renovation

If your client is time-poor, unclear of which style or simply just a bit unsure on how to complete a renovation project we can tailor a package to suit. We can also help coordinate the complete project from design to finish. Your client will also be able to take full advantage of our trade & supplier discounts which can more than cover our consultancy fee!

We offer an efficient and professional service that will change the way you feel about your investment.

Better spaces; better lifestyle.